Hello World and welcome to my first post on this Blog.

Hello World

Hello World is my first post to greet you all on my new Blog.

I have to say that I haven’t yet fully decided what this blog is going to be all about.
The one thing that is for sure is, that I felt the urge of running a blog since a while and here I am finally giving it a run.

My hope and reason

for this blog is, that it will help me and maybe even you, in improving some sort of skills that might come handy in everyday work or hobby life.

Since I started using Linux a few years ago, I was and still am overwhelmed by how big and respectful the Linux community is.

There is tons of knowledge out there that can be used to improve our skills or solve problems that occur when building, using or creating stuff.
And since I’ve come to a level where I found solutions myself, the time for me has come to give this splendid community something back.

So what content can we expect?

I assume that I will mostly write about my homelab and what my mates and I brew as the devcontrol.org team.

Devcontrol.org was started for us to re-implement everything we learned at school and at work. So we invested some of our free time to learn about every aspect of development and how to run the underlying operational structure.

This helped us all to become either better developers or better admins. We pushed together and each other to learn from the other fields and archived the understanding of a full stack developer.

I will make a different post on explaining what technologies we use.
But for know, that’s all about devcontrol.org

The other reason for this blog

is that I needed a place to archive solutions.

And since it happened way to often that I found a solution, didn’t document it and needed it just a few time units later,… I needed to find a solution for that problem to, and you are reading it right know.

A blog system that automatically sorts all posts by date into months and gives you additional control by providing Tags and Categories might be the perfect way or arranging solutions and build a knowlage base.

This means that theoretically, this place should become quite interesting and that you will be able to browse through – hopefully – helpful posts.

So this is it for my first post, hello world and have a nice one!