Virtualbox failed to create and remove snapshots.


After upgrading my Virtualbox I had some troubles with creating, removing snapshots.
The message “Failed to resume the execution of the virtual machine.” with the error code: NS_ERROR_CALL_FAILED (0x800706BE) was thrown.
So it seams as Virtualbox might be able to create the snapshot, but cannot execute that snapshot. Interestingly in my case, I was still able to restart the machine without problems.
Virtualbox Error Message


What I had to do was to re-enable the use of host I/O caching on the SATA controllers of all virtual machines where this error appeared on.

Go into the Settings page of your virtual machine and navigate to the storage option. There you need to alter the configuration of SATA: Controller.
Do that by clicking on it and then enable the “Use host I/O cache” option.

virtual machine settings page